Postage & Mailing

Having fun with postage stamps is a Cheree Berry Paper signature detail and one of our favorite ways to dress up an envelope! There are three options available when it comes to postage:

The advent of custom postage stamps is one trend we’re fully embracing! We’ll create a stamp that coordinates with your save the date or invitation design. Our custom stamp design fee is $100 for the first design and $50 for each subsequent design. This pricing does not include postage. The custom stamp(s) can then be ordered directly from Zazzle or PictureItPostage or CBP can order the stamp(s) on your behalf for a fee. Some clients choose to use a custom stamp for the outer mailing envelope, but a USPS stamp for the reply envelope since this piece usually only requires one first class stamp. Please note that custom stamp vendors do mark up postage by almost double the face value. So if the cost of a regular stamp is 47 cents, a custom stamp will be close to $1.00 in cost depending on your quantity.


Using vintage stamps is a sure way to set your envelope apart in your guest’s mailbox. Choose your theme – color, wedding location, home state – and search for the perfect mix of vintage stamps that add up to the postage you need. If digging for flea market finds is not your thing, then you may not enjoy the art of vintage stamp sourcing. No worries – we’re happy to do it for you. Our vintage stamp sourcing fee is $125 and we’ll give you several options to choose from. In addition to the cost of the postage, a processing fee will be added to your order.

Word of advice: line up your bridesmaids if you’re using multiple vintage stamps on your envelopes as most will require licking to adhere! Short cut: a damp sponge saves the saliva.


USPS offers a selection of postage stamps for your invitation and the best part is that there is no postage mark-up on these (and not much digging to be done!). For save the dates, often one stamp will do the trick, but most of our wedding invitations require multiple stamps due to the weight of the package. Our current faves from USPS…


CBP can provide you with a postage estimate if we are mailing on your behalf, but please note that every post office is different and this is only an estimate. If mailing on your own, you should always confirm the final postage amount with your local post office. In addition, CBP encourages that all invitations are hand canceled by the post office. It is important to remember to stamp the reply envelopes in your invitation set as a courtesy to your guests. Please be aware that all square and large envelopes require extra postage.

Happy mailing!