The next best thing to seeing your name in lights is seeing it beautifully calligraphed on an envelope. Calligraphy is not something to overlook – it is the icing on the cake, the bow on a pretty package – and should be carefully considered. Cheree Berry Paper offers both hand and machine calligraphy for addressing your envelopes. Hand calligraphy is when a trained calligrapher addresses your envelopes by hand using pen and ink. Machine or computer calligraphy is when a font is printed onto an envelope by a computer. Pricing starts at $4 per envelope for hand calligraphy and $2.25 per envelope for machine calligraphy.

CBP works with, and recommends, a number of highly skilled hand calligraphers. Our calligraphers offer a range of styles – from formal to traditional with a twist to playful and whimsical. There is an option for every bride. As a CBP client, you will have access to our list of recommended calligraphers and will have the option to either contact and coordinate with them directly or to let us handle all calligraphy related items for you for a flat fee. CBP also offers stuffing, stamping and mailing services. This service is optional, and pricing for this will be outlined in your design agreement.